I'm sure I'll have missed some people off this list who I would not have dreamed of excluding. It is, however, what it is...

Friends and Colleagues

Something to Say

People who I listen to (aurally or otherwise)...

Quality Suppliers

These are companies who I have had cause to use the products or services in the course of my personal or business life. I'll only list them here if I've been impressed with their offering, pricing or customer service:

  • Make Stuff Happen ( - offering a clipping path service. Run by good friends of mine (Rob and Amal).
  • Wagstaffs ( - chartered accountants based in Stevenage. I've been using them for personal and company accounts since 2003 and despite no longer living that near their offices I'm staying with them as they're efficient and friendly.
  • Gradwell ( - for DNS and VoIP hosting services.
  • NewNet ( - for ADSL service.
  • RS Components ( - for electronic, electrical and industrial components. Always excellent customer service and their delivery options are amazing (you want it to your office at 4am? - heck, yes, they'll sort a courier!).
  • Maplin Electronics ( - best choice of electronic components on the 'high street'.
  • Screwfix ( - for building materials, electrical supplies, tools and (of course) screws.
  • Overclockers UK ( - for PC system components and OEM OS purchases.
  • Stevenage Sheet Metal ( - for stainless and mild (powder coated) steel cut to machine accuracy according to your design.
  • Travis Perkins ( - for wood, timber and board cutting.
  • ProTouch ( - for touch screen monitors.
  • Deltech (www, - my office GU10 light fittings are now all loaded with Deltech LED 'bulbs'. Specifically the excellent GU10-M5WW (Warm White) model. 240 VAC and (I've tested it) a tenth of the power usage of a standard GU10 bulb.
  • Scott Simpson Electrical ( - primarily commercial electricians. Friendly and produce excellent, neat work.
  • Bygone Installations Essex Ltd ( - double glazing and more. Friendly, honest and professional. The owner (Eddie Baker) has even been on TV (October 2010) appearing on the BBC's "The Cowboy Trap" as the 'good guys' coming in to fix a previously bodged window installation!

Product Manufacturers

Niche and/or Direct Sales

  • Ontrak Control Systems ( - RS232, RS422, RS485 and USB interfaces for A/D, D/A, digital I/O and relay contact closure.
  • Adrienne Electronics Corporation ( - timecode reader / generator interfaces for PCIe, PCI, USB, RS232 and RS422.
  • KissBox ( - show control ethernet nodes for MIDI, DMX, timecode, serial and I/O. Supporting PoE, ArtNet, ETC Net, CAN, RTP and more.

Fantastic Software

  • CACE Technologies' Wireshark - used to be called Ethereal ( Simply brilliant (and free!) network protocol analyzer.
  • Adobe After Effects ( - a real visual engineer's tool. Nothing can't be tweaked. Great for doing still image layouts as well as the obvious motion graphics. Constantly useful to me when doing video format conversions for playback on various devices.


I'm not one for 'haute cuisine' but I do appreciate good food at a sensible price:
  • Mizu "the art of modern oriental dining" ( and - an extensive menu and the food comes quick. Like Wagamama but with a much better range and more Thai influences. Very family / children friendly. They have two locations - we go to the one next to the service station off the M25 junction 28 (A12) - Brentwood. The other one is in Ipswich. Perfect if you're just passing by.